Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wedding Attire

Two weekends ago, I went to Manhattan Beach, CA for a cousin's wedding. I bought 3 new dresses for the wedding. There were two ceremonies: a Catholic ceremony on Friday and a beach ceremony on Saturday. I wore 2 dresses, and my sister ended up wearing my 3rd one.

Here is what I wore to the Catholic ceremony:
Two cousins on the left, sister on the right in purple. I wore a simple silver dress with a black cropped, short-sleeve sweater. I think for the next time I plan to wear this dress, I'm going to take it to the tailor to shorten it to bring it up a bit. It will probably look better a bit shorter.
The bride wanted the "asian" side of the family to wear traditional wear. So yeah, my sister, mom, and I were the only ones who didn't. hehe. Our excuse: there are no good places to find good quality, nice "chi-paus" here in our hometown. Oh well, we are part of the cousins who actually look asian, so I think people got the idea. :)

For the beach ceremony, here are the remaining 2 dresses I bought. Little sister decided her original dress wasn't formal enough, so she just helped herself to wearing my 3rd dress. :P

I think my sister's shoes are so cute! They tie into bows at the back of her ankles. I'm not a huge fan of my necklace, now seeing it in pictures. Gah, oh well. I'm still trying to figure out the whole jewelry thing, beyond my usual silver chains and pendants. Also, my hair was actual curled and all pretty-looking. I guess the salty wind and whatnot totally straightened my hair.. all my efforts were lost. haha. I just wanted to explain why my hair looks so BLAH at a wedding.

And here are a few more pics from the wedding weekend:

The wedding party at the Catholic ceremony

The beautiful ladies in their traditional wear at the Indian restaurant we ate at for dinner after the Catholic ceremony. Best Indian buffet I've ever been to!

Playing on the beach... .it was windy, if you can't tell haha. I love how we are barefoot.

The beautiful bride in her pretty custom-made beach wedding dress


thao said...

Lilo - I LOVE your silver dress, it's really pretty and I like the blue one second best. But you look amazing in all the pics! I agree about the necklace, I don't think it's the chunkiness (big, bold statement necklaces are really in now), but maybe b/c it was black? And all the women in their chi-paus look so nice! I think you should get one too.

Anonymous said...

I like your silver dress a lot too! I like the patterned one 2nd best. . .you looked really pretty.

I can't imagine having to play at the beach. . .

I liked your dad's beige suit - he pimpin :)

hahahaha about the FB pics, esp the one with the old(er) bro/cousins dancing to the oldie goldies.


Lilo said...

I think maybe the necklace was too short too? It might have looked better if it was longer.

That's what I told my dad too! I told him he was a pimp! and he was like.. "uh, no i'm not"... haha