Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looking Spiffy

K went to a school ceremony/dinner today, wearing an outfit he had put together all by himself. I bought the shirt and tie, but he's the one who pieced it all together.

Introducing. . .Metrosexual K:

grey Brooks Brothers suit, light purple Izod shirt, dark purple tie from random cheap-o store in Qatar, Aldo shoes, big chin from mom's family.

K thinks it's a little too metrosexual to wear to conservative med interviews, though looking at the pictures, it's not that wild. . .I think he should go for it, to stand out against all the nerds!


thao said...

I love the outfit K! You look totally snazzy, not too metro. I can't quite tell what color your shirt it light purple? Either way, you should wear this to your interviews!

thao said...

Oops, I just saw the outfit description and your shirt is light purple...nice!

Anonymous said...

haha, K saw your comment, and told me to add color descriptions :)so you didn't miss them the 1st time b/c they were never there!

Lilo said...

snazzy! i agree, it's not too metro. good job K! thanks Shasha for pointing out the big chin. i wouldn't have known where it came from if u hadn't informed us. :)

jwu said...

shout out to k for looking smooth. looking polished and confident is half the battle for interviews. just remain calm and speak clearly.

Anonymous said...

it should be. . .just remain calm, speak clearly, and at a good speed!! or else by the time you finish your sentence, they may have forgotten what you said in the beginning of the sentence. . . unless you're in the south.

Anonymous said...

if i speak clearly, i need to speak slowly.

no to purple shirts on interviews.