Monday, October 13, 2008

For our devoted male reader. . .

Thao informed me this weekend that we actually have a male reader who reads our blog on a regular basis. I'm still in awe that anyone else besides our hubbies would read this blog, so here is a shout-out to that reader!

K said he would represent the men, and contribute to our blog. Actually, to be more specific, K & JW were hatching up a plan to:

a) hack into our blog and post a message
b) start a blog about our blog

LAME-O :) Anyways, I was bored at home, and happened to see K's tie rack. I don't know when K will start posting, so I thought I would beat him to the game, and blog about his ties.
I had to hurry and take pics before the puggy monster came and either sneezed on all of them, or wiped his face on them! click on pic for close-up. . .
Row 1 from the left: Oldie goldies! 1st tie on top is from his dad - it's got japanese handheld fans, and 18th century-looking people on it. 2nd tie is a Yves Laurent - must be like 30 years old. The black one is an old skool skinny tie with a llama on it - so cool - I think it's a hand-me-down from my cousin in Japan.

Rows 2, 3, & 4 from the left: bunch of ties we got during his work years at Eagle. 1st tie in 4th row, and Gold tie on bottom=yuck.

Row 5 from the left: blah, blah, blah, the bottom silver tie is from our wedding.

Row 6 from the left: my favorites! K was supposed to wear either the orange or the bottom blue tie for our wedding, but we were forced to go with the boring silver tie in row 5. The groomsmen were supposed to wear the 1st blue one, but then they ended up wearing the boring silver tie as well.

Row 7 from the left: I originally got the purple one for my bro or dad, but ended up liking it so much I kept it :)

A good number of K's ties are from TJMaxx/Marshalls, and he actually picked out most of them (especially the ones from other stores, which makes sense because he hates TJMaxx/Marshalls. . .and Target. . .and Sam's/Costco).

This is slightly off the topic, but while at Brooks Brothers this weekend, K picked up a cashmere tie and made a comment to Lilo and me about them. Lilo thought he said "this tie SUCKS!", but being his wifey, I actually understood his fobby accent, and realized he said "this tie is like SOCKS!" haha.


thao said...

HAHAHA...that last comment (fobby accent) made me really laugh out loud. I always love looking at ties especially at the store where they lay them all in a row - so pretty. Hmm, looking at JK's collection there are a lot of blues, perhaps more green, purple or orange colors?

Lilo said...

I LOVE TIES. I especially love shopping for ties, the patterns are so pretty. I tend to go for blue ties too, like K. But, I still think he should get a Harry Potter tie! Like the one we say at BB. he could wear it with his new pale yellow shirt and dark grey suit... SNAZZY! :)

Lilo said...

and oh! I think our devoted male reader should leave a comment on our blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Lilo, wasuuuuuuuuuuup!!!
I am the devoted blog reader and I appreciate you doing a men's edition, those are some pretty snazzy ties. Thao and Sasha, holla back!

The baconator is coming soon, ya'll stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...
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Shopaholic Homebodies said...

hahaha, our first comment from someone other than Lilo/Thao/Shasha!! You deserve an award :)

who/what's the baconator? is it a blog about. . .BACON? I would be a devoted reader to such a blog. hm, now I wanna go check out if there are fried chix & bacon blogs out there. . .

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Baconator is our devoted male reader... and he's crazy about bacon! so yes, ideally his blog would be about bacon hehe

~ Lilo

thao said...

Actually, Baconator is not the first person to comment on our blog, that award goes to my friend Margherita da Fiorenza - she posted on the post titled "New Toy!" And we've had other people post as well...including another devoted blog reader "Manolos" (shout out coming soon)!