Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Purses!

After staring at Botkier handbags online all day, I decided to take a trip to Neiman's today with fellow purse-lovers to look at the bags in person. With several side field trips to other stores, I find myself with two more purses tonight. Sigh, I couldn't help it.....they were both on sale! :)

Here are my purchases:

1st purchase 
Francesco Biasia Butterfly Glam Two Satchel bag in black
- purchased at 40% off at Bloomingdale's (original price: $248.00; sale cost: $148.80)

I don't know if you can see it, but there is a layered effect on the bag that I really like. 

I just found though this bag on SmartBargains for cheaper ($103.99 with free shipping). The bag also comes in beige. I'm going to return at Bloomingdale's and order at SmartBargains.

Which color do you think I should get? I will always love black, but the beige looks nice in the picture above. The black picture from the website gives a better view of the satchel.

2nd purchase
Le Sportsac
- purchased for $8.99 (!!!) at Metro Park

Here is a closer view to show what the design is:

As the bargain-whore I am, there was no way I could let this bargain go! 

Okay, so I'm sure my buyer's remorse will settle in tomorrow, but right now I'm too happy about the purchases. 

What do you guys think? You think my fashion sense was skewed due to the prices? hehe

EDIT: I went ahead and ordered the black bag from SmartBargains. Quantities were limited, only 3 left! I got scared and just placed the order.. hehe. Yay to more discounts! 


thao said...

Great purchases...and great prices on these bags! I have noticed the Butterfly before and liked the layers. Can't wait to see it on you. And the LS bag is just ridiculously priced! Yay for bargains :)

Anonymous said...

NICE black Biasia!

What's metropark?
can we go to H&M next wknd? and AA?

- hilly billy shasha

Lilo said...

I was just introduced to Metro Park last night. It's this trend, hip clothing store. It has some interesting clothes in it, but I don't think it's really our style. I just followed my friends in, and bam saw the LeSportsac in the sale section.

Which store is AA? American Apparel?

Oh! We all need to take a trip to Nieman's Last Call one of these days. It's far for you guys (up north), but we can always meet at my house and I drive. The trip might be worth it!