Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shout Out

This is a shout-out to one of our most devoted readers! She's been reading our blog from the very first day...which (if you think about it) is not that great of an achievement since we only started a few weeks ago...but cheers to her nonetheless! LOL.

My friend from work took a picture of today's outfit - you can tell we were in her office by the bland walls and bad lighting. I wanted to show that my shirt had these cute little pockets on the sides...


And here's a pic of her new shoes - brown oxford flats! Cute huh?



Lilo said...

Thao, you should take a closer pic of your shirt, I can't really tell what it looks like... other than that its purple with white flowers?? It's cute though! Interesting combination, I would have never thought of pairing light blue with a purple blouse (if I'm seeing the colors correctly). I need to go through my wardrobe to figure out more different combinations for my clothes.

Thao said...

Haha...the picture quality is not very good, the sweater I'm wearing is actually light grey and the shirt underneath is white with a purple design.

Anonymous said...

I really like the light blue/purple combo - very elegant! I agree with Lilo - you need more close up pics, esp of the pockets! I think we should also label where the clothes are from - it would be fun :).

Anonymous said...

ok - another comment. it kinda helps to click on the pics to see it enlarged. BUT, stil can't really see details of your shirt - blurry :)