Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Case of the Crazies!

Someone (not me!), had a Case of the Crazies today.

Here are some silly pictures today to go along with the COC (case of the crazies!). . .

Super Shasha with her special goggles for filtering out the crazies!
My disguise to help me hide from the crazies! Can you tell it's me?
f21 dress, UO tights & shoes, jacket from taiwan night market, Ervy's piggy pillow friend


thao said...

Aww...poor Sasha, I can guess who had the COC! But your outfit is totally cute with the blues and greys. You're making me want tights - I was looking at dark grey leopard tights at TJMaxx tonight.

Lilo said...

Shasha, your outfit is so cute!!! I love how that jacket is from a night market in Taiwan. Yay for bargain shopping! haha

Anonymous said...

dark grey leopard!? get it - I would love to see you in them!
those UO tights were awesome - so thick and soft.

Thao said...

Modern Mary Tyler Moore...tres cute.


thao(cat) said...

Haha...another Thao, how will we differentiate who is who? It's great to hear from you Thao!