Monday, October 20, 2008

Show Me Your Badge

Hey Sasha,
Lilo and I saw this guy when we were out at lunch and asked to take his picture.  Unfortunately, we only had a phone camera. Perhaps we should start our own street fashion segment...a version of the Sartorialist in ATL? LOL.

rajiv 02

Ok...just kidding. He's actually our friend and the avid male reader of our blog. But his outfit was Shopaholic Homebodies worthy.

And, to celebrate our great tennis match win this past Sunday - Lilo got me a cute and yummy gingerbread man cookie. She's awesome - thanks partner!!

gingerbread man


Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Hahahah, I was laughing my head off like a silly fool, when I read the part where you said the guy is your friend. WOW, that is some stylish friend you have there:)
I was expecting XXX co-workers to wear stuff like khakis & polos. I guess he must work for B. . .right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Thao, I re-read your post again today, and it still makes me giggle to have thought you were so cool to approach strangers for a street style shot, then finding out it was someone you know :)
nice gingerbread man cookie, and good job at tennis!

Lilo said...

yay! I'm glad our male fan finally let us take a picture of him. and yes, he looked smooth (or like our personal chauffeaur to lunch) yesterday. haha.

and shasha, definitely.. only B employees are stylin unlike C employees (the exception to this rule: thao)

L. said...

Not getting into the "styling versus not-styling" of employees. :)

I do have a question, though - why'd you eat onlyl part of the head of the gingerbread man? :D

thao said...

Haha...actually, that's how the gingerbread man looked before we ate him. His head was partly deformed - but still tasted great!