Monday, October 13, 2008

Variations on a vest

So Lilo and I purchased the same vest at UO this weekend. Born with a color-coordination handicap, I had originally planned on waiting to see what Lilo pairs the vest with. However, I was bored home alone (hubby has night shift, Ervy's pooped out), and decided to try out some combinations.

1. Plain & expected - a bennetton purple button up workshirt. I've got like 5 button down shirts I never wear - for some reason, I never feel comfortable in these type of shirts - I always feel messy with them! But wearing them with a vest on top may do the trick.

2. Another variation with a workshirt - also purple, but w/ stripes. I got this back when Macy's was about to close down at Gwinnett Place mall (yeah, it's THAT old!). It's a petite-sized shirt - the sleeves are just a little bit too short, so I roll them up. It's in some kind of shiny polyester so it never gets wrinkled. It's a noisy rustle-rustle type shirt, and I don't think it passes flame-retardant standards!
3. With a missoni-ish top from Arden B. I have had this shirt since 2001 - it is a little too tight & short and I'm too old to wear it alone now. The last time I wore it was on a date with K - that was like 7 years ago!
4. Going a little wild - I was in a rebellious mood, or perhaps I still had my "crazy/nasty non-matching" sickness left over from last week. Click on pic to see details - my momma got me this green shirt with pink flower/sunglasses-wearing giraffes. I always feel weird wearing this giraffe shirt w/o something on top -- it looks like something a little kid would be forced to wear, or something worn by a little blonde old lady w/ bright fuschia lipstick. I need a black jumper to tone it down.

On another note, maybe I should do a blog on my momma's style - she's wilder than I am!


thao said...

I like option 2 with the striped purple shirt the best, followed by option 4, the green giraffe shirt. I admire your willingness to not-match-match. :)

Lilo said...

I like option #1 and #2. The plain and expected look really makes pattern on the vest POP. I like it.

I wish I had shirts like that to match with the vest. I would rather not have to buy more clothes for the vest. I need to think adventurous like you did Shasha. I was thinking about returning the vest, but your post is making me rethink.

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Hey Lilo, you could skank it up a little bit (haha), and wear it by itself, with a little tank underneath - the UO model wore it alone. . .

yeah, I came up with some weird combos, I wonder if I'll wear them outside the house though. . .