Monday, December 15, 2008

Mackage is seriously macking :)

I had never heard of the brand Mackage until I saw Lilo's winter coat this past Saturday (hopefully she'll post pictures of it). Coincidentally, Apple sent me an email the next day, with a note about how she saw some incredible Mackage coats. And they are indeed INCREDIBLE! They induced some serious drool, even from the hubby.


eLLE-V eLLE-v 2

M-J M-J 2

Image source: Mackage

K & I were in the big city this past weekend, and we took some pics - recognize the location? I just had to post this pic, in case you thought that I perhaps never went outside the house, since all my outfit pictures are in my house! By the way, yes, I was wearing that Uniqlo heat tee AGAIN :)



yulanda said...

I love Mackage. They're a Canadian brand, yay :) Have you heard of Soïa & Kyo website? They're the (cheaper) sister line of Mackage.

Miyu said...

Ya, I love the brand too. There was a huge Mackage sale recently, darn it I should have told you guys.

Shasha said...

oh man! Seems like I'm usually hours away from a cool store, or I miss big sales :) oh well - my wallet must be grateful.
Hm, I remember reading someone had a Soia & Kyo jacket (I think Fruchtzwerg had it) - I'm going to go check out the brand now!