Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bootlicious, round 2!

MC Hammer pants are back in style, so I guess sooner or later Doc Martens would be back in action.

Did you ever wear them in high school? I never did, because I was wearing slippers all the time, or my velvet converse sneakers at school where slippers weren't allowed. Anyways, when I think of Doc Martens, I think of the guy who sat in front of us in the cello section in high school, who once turned around and said to us. . ."are you going to be my sex. . I mean stand partner?". He turned bright red after that. When we had all started orchestra together, the girls thought he was cute, but called him Rudolph because he had a red nose all the time from having a cold or allergies or something. Hm, this is slightly going down the memory lane, but when I think of that orchestra, I always think of the conductor who would sweat so much that he would bring extra shirts to change into during practice. His sweating problem was so extreme that his sweat beads would literally fly off his arms during practice. It was an advantage to suck, and sit in the back :)

Onto some Doc Martens. . .

1396-611771-p 2578_1_ 


I don't think I could work the two above. BUT, I love the one below. Apparently those colored panels are individual strips of leather so there are gaps between them. Definitely a must if I ever wore them in Hawaii, where you need a breeze circulating in your boots :)

doc 1 doc 2


Did the picture of the laces above make you drool? They sure did for me -- it's a Pavlovian response originating from Jane's (from Sea of Shoes) cool lace-up boots from Ann Demeulemeester. Check out one variation of the boot below. . .She also has a posting with pictures of the 2 boot variations that both she & her mother have.


Photo credit: Sea of Shoes

Awesome boots. I initially thought they were insane, but now I love them. They're outrageously expensive, but perhaps there will be a cheaper alternative out there soon!


thao said...

How nice to hear about your HS days...and weird orch dork folks (haha I was one too). I never wore Docs and still not sure about them now. I do love the AD boots, but I don't have the legs to pull off any lace-up boots - that's why i'm so jealous of those who can!

razielle said...

I never wore Doc Martens because while growing up we never could afford them.

But my bf got me a pair last September and although they are white with flowers and butterflies on them, they are incredibly versatile.

I like the tall pair you posted but I have short legs so I'm afraid they won't work on me :D And they don't seem to have zippers? so they're probably a pain to lace-up :D