Tuesday, December 2, 2008


here's a quickie from a sickie!

while packing for our NY trip, I realized I need bigger bags! I've held off on buying big bags for a couple years now, since that is usually what I gravitate to. I'm a self-proclaimed bag lady and I would pack a whole meal in my bag if I could, in addition to an umbrella, jacket or scarf/blankie. Anyways, I ended up using this really old messenger bag I've had since I was 18 (damn, that was long ago).

So I'm now officially off the "Big bag ban", and am lusting over these (Sherlock and Esme bags from Jenny Yuen). . .

(images from the Jenny Yuen online store)

I'm on a black bag ban now (what's up with the "bbb"s?). By the way, I'm still kicking myself for not taking advantage of the Luna Boston 40% off sale on black friday -- I miraculously woke up on time for the sale, and yet did not take advantage because I was feeling stingy. sniff sniff. . .what the hell was I thinking?

I'm too lazy to post any further today since I'm sick at home, but I'll definitely post more on the Thanksgiving NY trip, as well as what kept me occupied last week :)


Amelia said...

The grey one is really sophisticated and cute!

thao said...

I can never be on a BBB (both big or black bag ban), but I'll help you look for your next bag. Out of these 2, I pick the grey one...but I think you should continue to look. Hope you get better soon!

yulanda said...

I'm currently obsessed with her Hitchcock bag (along with the Sabina bag I can't stop looking at).