Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cream Puffs

I learned how to make cream puffs this past weekend...much harder than I imagined! They sort of deflated after I took them out from the oven, but still yummy :)

Picture 044Picture 046

Have I shown you guys my new ring? Thanks to LBC, I got this cute little John Hardy:

                        Picture 060  

I've been eyeing this Hype tote...what do you guys think? Too orange? Would this color last over the seasons or is it too trendy?

                                Hype Dali Tote

Today's outfit:

Picture 057 Picture 051

Outfit: grey dress (Gap), belt (H&M), jacket (Old Navy), shoes (Circa Joan & David)

1 comment:

Shasha said...

hey, nice haircut!
that reminds me, remember when me & JW tried to cut your hair one time? almost as hilarious as when you tried to cut JW's hehe.

cream puffs look yummy. I'm on the fence about the bag- would need to see the color in person. I really like your grey dress.