Friday, November 7, 2008


I felt a little mod in my outfit today. . .the boss wasn't in, so I wore leggings to work. . .

  7Nov08 3


f21 dress, leggings from taiwan, boots from taiwan!


Did I ever tell you about how I constructed my "tripod"? It consists of a ceramic container with coins, placed on a bookshelf -- this is what keeps my camera steady while I take pictures home alone. It is an absolute pain in the butt to use, and involves sticking my head into the shelf in order to see what's captured on the camera screen. I need to find a mirror to use so that it is a tiny bit more convenient. GAH! I can only stand taking 5 shots before I get tired out using this "tripod".


thao said...

Cool boots! I also love your artsy more dry cleaning I see. :) I seriously think you should invest $20 in a definitely helps.

Lilo said...

Shasha, I think we need to take a trip to Taiwan together just to go shopping! You find the greatest things....I have seriously never found "fashionable" clothes in Taiwan, especially not in the night markets. Your work clothes are great, you do look mod and so chic! I'm trying out more skirts/dresses with leggings and opaque tights nowadays. Hopefully I look as good as you!