Saturday, November 15, 2008

Menswear from ASOS

A little sampling of men's clothes from ASOS. . .

would your guy wear a cardigan? I'm trying to get K to wear one, before he starts drinking lots of beer again and gains a pregnant belly. he may not go for the cardigan below, but I think he may agree to the grey jacket on the right.

17 18 19

what the heck - is the shirt below for some guy who wishes to accentuate his boobies? I don't get it. . .


if K gets the boots on the left, we can be a matchy matchy couple (I'm getting mine in brown because who knows what a klutz would do to light grey suede). I wouldn't mind having the exact same shoes on the right though I doubt we would be bold/lame enough to ever wear them together.

21 22


thao said...

Manboobs...haha. JW says he won't wear cardigans either.

Lilo said...

I think a guy has to be extra skinny to wear cardigans, I don't think it is a very forgiving look. Not that JW or K are fat or anything... but I do agree with them, I think it might look weird on them. I do like that grey hoodie, I would totally wear it! K should totally get the gunmetal shoes....they are fly! haha