Sunday, November 2, 2008

Either Or . . .Yes or No?

Hi everyone out there, quick question. . .

What do you think of these "Either or" tights from Urban Outfitters - yes or no?

UO tights

They were inspired by the Chanel ones below.

Image taken from

I'm leaning 75% towards yes! With a discount code, they're about $10.

By the way, use "luckbreaks8" for 25% discount for UO online. . .It is supposed to last until the end of Nov. . .Thao - wanna get those JC shoes?

Oh yeah. . .today me & K went to the bookstore. I read. . .Teen Vogue!! haha, I think it was too young for me afterall, but good thing I read it today -- K's cousin was mentioned in it.


thao said...

I've seen them before and have been on the fence with them too. I like the UO version better since it's opaque/dark black rather than white/black. I don't know what I would wear them with, but if you have an outfit in mind, then go for it! I do want the JC shoes, but I can't find a free shipping coupon in case they don't work out. Which cousin was mentioned in Teen Vogue and why? Pretty cool.

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Sorry - I finally found it online - check it out - I hyperlinked it in the posting. . .

I think I would end up wearing the tights with just black stuff. . .

Hey, you can order stuff over $250 to qualify for free shipping, then return some stuff in the store?