Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Missing Peru

This past weekend, JW and I started to miss Peru. We went on a tour of Peru in July with our cousins and had the best time there. The places we visited were magical and we had some really interesting food.


One of our favorites is the Peruvian version of chicken soup, Dieta de Pollo. It consists of chicken consomme with quinoa, carrots and celery. We tried making it at home and it actually turned out to be pretty yummy!

Picture 132Picture 129



Over the weekend, I also bought 3 new dresses, but I need your guys' advice. The problem with these dresses is that they're kinda shapeless and require the person to be slim, unfortunately - I'm not. Sigh...I usually don't even try them on, but I couldn't resist the little details on these. Should I keep them?

Picture 138Picture 150Picture 143 
Picture 153  
Picture 154 Picture 159


yulanda said...

Peru (at the moment) sits quite high on my travel list. The soup looks delish!

As for the dresses, it looks fine when belted. Have you tried belting the blue one? That's my favourite one :)

Lilo said...

I agree with yulanda, the dresses look better belted. my favorites are the blue and burgundy one.

thao said...

You guys are right...I'll keep the blue and burgundy ones and now I need to find a wider belt!

Anonymous said...

I like them in the following order:

1. blue - very nice details!
2. patterned one - I like patterns because I'm a lazy klutz, and stains (and wrinkles) don't show up as much haha.
3. burgundy

belted sounds good to me!

yum yum, I want some of that soup. it's cold here!


L. said...

Burgundy is fine when belted. Both the brown and blue just don't work on you. :( Sorry.


Thao said...

burgundy is nice when belted. I don't like the other two as much.


Amelia said...

Oh, the ruffles, gotta love them.

Alya said...

Keep them all! I liked the belted style. It gives it more style and edge.