Sunday, November 2, 2008

7 Courses of Beef

We visited Houston this past weekend and had one of the best meals ever!! It's a traditional Vietnamese dish (set of dishes, rather) that's served at special events or times (like New Years).

There are literally seven courses of beef served with rice paper, lots of vegetables and sauces:
1. Beef cooked in vinegar broth
2. Steamed meatballs
3. Beef wrapped in a leaf similar to a grape leaf
4. Beef sausages
5. Grilled beef
6. Beef salad
7. Ground beef soup

Picture 001Picture 003 Picture 005Picture 007Picture 009Picture 006

And if you thought that wasn't enough...we also ordered grilled fish and lemongrass shrimp!

 Picture 004 Picture 010

We also walked around the Galleria (a huge and awesome mall) and saw a promotion for The Clone Wars. Only nerdy Star Wars fans would do something this dorky...may the Force with you!

Outfit: brown Jedi cloak & light saber


Debbie said...

that...looks so delicious. :( now i'm having asian cravings again...

Anonymous said...

I think I just drooled 3 tablespoons worth!