Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday recap. . .the perfect day for a homebody :)

Hi Thao,

Since we didn’t get to go to the big city this weekend, K and I decided to eat lots of tasty Jja Jang Mein today! We got 3 orders. . .1 order of super spicy, and 2 orders of non-spicy to balance out the spicy one so that it was edible. K spent the whole time sweating while we were picking out the tiny green peppers.

We also went to the bookstore, where K spent his time flipping through watch magazines. . .I on the other hand, flipped through Dwell, Fast Company, Vogue, and Women’s Health. I’ve realized my attention span is SUPER short now!! I couldn’t stand reading entire articles, and instead scanned through them, wishing they had bullet points for the highlights.

This is what I wore today:

As part of my goal to wear stuff I never wear, my outfit today included a tank top I bought 5 years ago but wore only once, and a blue cardigan I brought 2 years ago and maybe wore twice.

Hey, do you remember these shoes I got on ebay like 6 years ago for like $50? I’ve never worn them because I always thought they were too high, but after taking them out a couple weeks ago, I realized they’re not so high anymore! They’re a little tight though, so I was planning on ebay-ing them. However. . .the pics of your oxford below are inspiring me to keep them. . . what do you think – keep or sell?

I think I’m to the point where I can handle ~3 inch heels. I think if I wore 4 inch heels though, I would end up stumbling like the models at the Prada Milan show – check out video below!

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Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Oh my...those teetering models make me nervous about wearing high heels. But the shoes you got are really cute. If they're tight you can take them to a shoe repair and ask them to stretch them out a little, I've done that with a pair of shoes before. And I really like your red sandals from today's outfit.