Monday, September 22, 2008

putting in some effort. . .


remember this shirt I got from BR like 6 years ago?
It's been on the chopping block like 5 times since then - I'm always on the verge of donating it! I had only worn it maybe a total of 2 times, so I decided to force myself to wear it on Sunday. At one time they were too short to wear with lower rise pants, so I guess good thing higher waisted stuff is back.

Here's the outcome of me putting in a little more effort (skirt! tights! all unusual for lazy ol' me).

It still needs some accessories to make it more interesting, but at least I'm trying. . .slowly but surely, hopefully.

anyways, we recently discovered what the Erv does when we're not looking - check it out. We think he's actually an alien with uncommon intelligence :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I do remember that shirt! It looks nice with your outfit, very polished. And Ervy really looks smart, he reminds me of the pug in Men in Black...beaming up messages to his home planet!