Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Hi Thao,

Long live sleepyheads! I was feeling especially sleepy today, and woke up around noon - I guess it wasn't that bad considering I went to sleep late last night. However, I took a nap at 3:00pm today :) I amaze myself sometimes.

Regarding your Saturday morning revelation. . .I agree that we don't push the envelope in terms of what we wear – we are definitely not as fashionable as chictopians or people captured on the Satorialist! The ironic part is that we do actually like the unique items out there, and aren’t that conservative in our taste - it’s just that our taste doesn’t get translated to what we actually end up wearing.

  • I know I gravitate towards unique items, but my problem is that I just end up pairing it with jeans or black pants, etc. Perhaps I hate being “matchy-matchy” because it can draw attention and because it may looks too commercial, but I definitely need to put more thought into what I wear instead of falling back on the basics to complete a look. I also need to stop shying away from accessories such as belts, scarves, different necklaces, etc.
  • I’ve noticed that my work clothes are really not my style at all! I just end up buying whatever is durable, easy to take care of, and cheap. . .I’m not a big fan of 75% of the clothes/shoes I buy for work. . .

I say we stand up to our self-consciousness (and perhaps laziness on my part), and start to put more effort into what we wear and be bold enough to wear what we really like!


Anonymous said...

I love Ervy's pic! How are you able to get pics to link to a bigger one? Mine don't blow up.

Shopaholic Homebodies said...

Hey T,

When you load/link the pic, there's an option of showing it as "small" etc on the right side of the pop-up box. . .

I used picnik (free!) to edit his pic and add his voice :)